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Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county provides exceptional garage door repair services in Connecticut. Homeowners and businesses can rely on our garage door experts and technicians to repair their doors as soon as possible. You’ll have your doors operating safely and efficiently in no time. Contact us today for a repair service that you can trust. 

For emergency services, contact our 24-hour emergency service hotline at 860-889-3848.

Garage doors are an important part of your propert. They aren’t the focal point of your home, nor are they the main operations of your business. But once your garage doors start to malfunction or wear out, it can disrupt your schedule, cause delays, and put both people and your property at risk. That’s why, when faced with a broken garage door, your best option is to give Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county a call to have it fixed immediately. 

Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county is Connecticut’s largest provider of garage door installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our certified technicians can diagnose and repair your doors and have it running smoothly as soon as possible. So, if your door’s stuck or starting to show signs of damage, don’t panic. Give us a call any time of the day – our technicians will provide the service you deserve.  

Signs of a Broken Door 

Ideally, your garage doors should undergo maintenance by a professional technician at least once a year. This is to catch the small signs of wear and tear and have it addressed before it can grow into a problem that results in damage, malfunction, or a door that simply doesn’t work. 

If left untreated, your garage door may continue to degrade until it reaches the point that its parts are so damaged that it’s more practical (albeit costly) to have an entirely new garage door and mechanism installed on your property. Don’t wait for your garage doors to reach the point where they break and stop working. If you see some of these signs on your garage door, it’s time to call in a technician from Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county to repair the damage before it gets worse:

  • Your garage door’s automatic operator isn’t functioning or is slower than normal – this could be a faulty connection with the door’s control panel or garage door openers. 
  • Your garage doors do not fully open or close – it may be a problem with the springs or cables. It can also be a problem with the rollers. 
  • Your garage doors make unusual sounds – sounds like grating, rumbling, grinding, and rattling can each signify a problem with the different mechanisms and parts. 
  • Your garage door has visibly worn or broken parts – these parts have lost their tension or are naturally wearing out and will need to be either repaired or replaced. 

Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county has a team of reliable technicians that can provide honest and efficient service. After diagnosing the issue with your garage door, they can perform repairs on parts such as: 

  • Broken Springs – if your garage door spring is worn, broken, or in need of repair to restore its tension. Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county can handle garage door spring repair services for both torsion springs and extension springs. 
  • Broken Cablesnapped, worn, and frayed cables can rub on the garage door track, which need to be replaced or serviced. Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county carries all major cables to quickly replace broken cables. 
  • Crashed Section – repairing damaged sections of the garage door that can compromise the track, hinges, and other parts affected by the impact. 
  • Squeaky Doorunusual sounds from your garage door can be a sign of any malfunction that can affect the garage door’s longevity or integrity. 
  • Operator Issues – the garage door opener may stop functioning, which can leave your garage door unresponsive and non-functional. 
  • Malfunctioning Photo Eyes – these photo eyes are an added safety feature on more modern doors, and malfunction can risk the safety of your household or place of work. 
  • Off-Track Repair – this causes the door to function unevenly, jamming the mechanism on one or both sides. 
  • Malfunctioning Remote Control – our technicians can restore your remote’s connection with your automatic door opener and ensure smooth operations.

What to Do If Your Garage Door Breaks

If your garage door breaks, we don’t recommend using your automatic operator, manually opening your door, or performing DIY repairs. Always have a professional garage door repair service technician to handle broken garage doors to reduce the risk of injury.

Avoid DIY Repairs

Garage doors can weigh up to 400 pounds, while parts like the springs and cables are primed to produce enough force to carry the weight of your doors. If handled by someone with no experience, there’s a risk of injury or fatal accidents because of the door’s mechanism. To avoid accidents, don’t try to perform DIY repairs, no matter how small you think the repairs needed may be. Leave it to the professionals to handle your garage doors safely. 

Avoid Using the Door

If you notice signs of damage or malfunction, we recommend you don’t use the door until it’s been handled by our professional technicians. Use an alternative entrance until our technicians have declared it safe for use. Otherwise, there’s no guarantee if and when the garage door breaks and fails. There’s no telling how damaged your door’s mechanism is until your technician arrives, so it’s best to leave it as is until our technicians can handle it.

In Case of Hazardous Situations, Call Our Emergency Service Hotline

You can contact Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county for a free no-obligation quote, and our technicians can provide service within the scheduled repair appointment time. But if you’ve got a hazardous situation that needs immediate repairs or a time-sensitive issue that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible, you can call our 24-hour emergency service at 860-889-3848.

Why Choose the Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county Company

Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county was established in 1961 and, 60 years later, we’ve expanded our offices to spread across four cities in eastern Connecticut. We are the biggest garage door service provider in the state, offering installation, maintenance, and repair services. You can expect nothing less than exceptional quality from our technicians and reliable results that can help your home or business’ garage door run smoothly. 

Our family-owned business is happy to provide top-quality service to both homeowners and businesses, and we guarantee the following when you choose Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county.

Available 24/7, 7 Days a Week

There’s no telling when your garage door may break, and we’re here for you during your emergency. We offer emergency repair services any day at any time of the week to get your door functioning as quickly as possible.  

Over 60 Years of Service

When you choose Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county, you’re working with experienced professionals that are well-equipped to get your door running smoothly and safely. We’ve been operating this long because we take pride in serving our community with honest and reliable services they can count on when they need it.  

State Contractor Licensed & OSHA Safety Certified

Every technician that works on your door is an Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county employee that’s fully certified to handle your garage door. They also adhere to OSHA safety practices to minimize the risk of accidents on your business’ property. 

Repairs Covered By Insurance

In case of damage to your doors and property during our repairs, Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county is sufficiently covered by insurance to handle all the damages. We can provide an insurance certificate upon request.

Residential & Commercial Garage Door Repair Services in Connecticut

At Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county, our expert technicians can repair both residential and commercial garage doors. Both homeowners and business owners can rely on our team of experienced and certified garage door technicians to provide honest, reliable, and efficient service to get their doors up and running as soon as possible. 

Broken doors can affect both residential and commercial properties. For homeowners, your garage door can break when you least expect it. At worst, it can trap your car inside just when you need it most. A broken garage door can also be a potential hazard for both your household members and your property. And in terms of financial effects, a faulty garage door can affect your property value, auto insurance premiums, and many other costs associated with leaving your garage door in poor condition until it needs to be fully replaced. 

Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county also handles garage doors and other similar types of commercial doors for businesses in eastern Connecticut. Faulty garage doors can be a hazard to your employees and may be considered a liability if not repaired as quickly as possible. Non-functional doors can also disrupt and halt your operations as you need to find safer alternatives rather than using the door. Our technicians can help you resume operations as soon as possible by diagnosing and repairing the issue with your doors. 


Q: Where are you located?

A: We have offices in Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland, and Windham. We service residential and commercial properties in these cities and any surrounding area in eastern Connecticut. 

Q: Do you repair all types of garage doors?

A: Yes, we do! Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county stocks major brands of garage door parts to help our technicians repair our clients’ doors as soon as possible. Our technicians are proficient in handling various types of garage doors safely. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and we can have a door specialist take a look at your garage door to determine the best solution. 

Q: Do you repair or replace garage door parts?

A: We can do both, but it ultimately depends on the condition of your garage door and its parts. We can repair various parts of a garage door, but if the safety and integrity of the entire door is in question, our technicians may recommend to parts replacement or even a garage door replacement. For instance, some types of garage door springs can be repaired to restore the right level of tension, but other garage door springs that rust or begin to stretch out will need to be replaced. Our technicians will have to scope your doors before they can give the right recommendation on what to do with your garage door. 

Get Your Garage Doors Repair Services from Trustworthy Technicians at Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county

For reliable service, quality parts, and a trustworthy repair company you can trust, Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county is the right team to call for your garage door repair services in Connecticut. We are the garage door company that both homeowners and business owners can rely on to get their doors running. Our technicians can have your garage door operating smoothly and safely as soon as possible. 

Contact us today for a free estimate on our services.


This is the second time I've used Overhead Door of Norwich to replace existing garage doors and openers. Charlie the salesman was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions regarding garage door options/garage door opener options and pricing. He kept me informed of the garage door lead times due to supply chain issues. The doors were delivered and installed in the estimated timeframe. The installation of the new garage doors went well and the new doors look great compared to our old, weathered wooden garage doors.

Steve Modzelewski

I have an older garage door to which I was hoping to add an automatic opener. Both the salesman, and,
ultimately a service person were professional and helpful. Though my garage was too limited in space for the opener, the service adjustments were very helpful; I also got new rubber door to floor gasket just before the flooding we've experienced here. Highly recommend.

Christine Anderson

We had our garage doors replaced by a different company a couple years ago. When one of the doors broke, we learned that company no longer serviced our area. Luckily Overhead Door CT is skilled in repairing various types of garage doors. In no time they got the broken garage door working again. Thanks!

Jacob Colman

Had them instal a new door opener because our 10 year old one was failing. They redid all the moving parts on our two garage doors, and he programmed our remote openers so they will each open all the doors. Their skills is unmatched and would really recommend them to anyone who needs their garage doors to be serviced.

Charlotte Rose

Had Overhead Door CT come to my home today to change out my drive belt on my garage door opener and they were amazing!!! Quick, efficient and knowledgeable. They even gave me a few suggestions for the maintanance of my new drive belt. Amazing work they do here!!

Linda Lockett
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