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Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county provides professional installation services of commercial garage door systems for small and large businesses in Connecticut. Having a commercial door offers many advantages from better security, space-saving to increased productivity for everyday operations. If you need to install or upgrade to a new garage door, contact our technicians today. 

For emergency services, contact our 24-hour emergency service hotline at 860-889-3848.

One of the best investments that any business owner can make for their company is to install a commercial garage door. There are already many things to worry about in running a business and having a sturdy and durable overhead door can help ensure smooth day-to-day operations. 

At Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county, our team of expert consultants can assist you in choosing the best commercial garage door for your business’s daily needs. We offer a wide range of quality overhead doors as well as accessories and garage door opener products to make sure your door functions without a hitch. We also provide commercial garage door installation services done by our trained technicians. 

5 Reasons To Install A Commercial Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county 

Selecting the right commercial garage door will depend on the nature of your business. But regardless of the type of commercial door you choose, you can be assured that it is advantageous for the overall security and efficiency of the company. Here are other reasons why you should consult and have Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county install your business’s garage door: 

  • Increased safety and protection of the company’s assets:  At Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county, our commercial doors feature the latest security technologies and secure lock mechanisms to keep your business and storage facility safe.
  • Long-term protection from everyday use and wear-and-tear: We’ve partnered with industry-leading manufacturers who make sure that all commercial overhead door products are constructed with durable materials that will not easily get broken or damaged.
  • Adds aesthetic value for your property: We offer different styles, designs, and finishings for our commercial garage door products. Having a stylish door can boost your business’s image and make you more appealing to the public. Our consultants can do necessary customizations for your commercial door depending on your requirements and preferences.
  • Made to be energy efficient with better insulation and thermal protection: Another benefit of commercial doors is they provide enhanced insulation for your warehouse and facility. We offer garage door products made with foamed-in-place panels to increase thermal efficiency and maintain the ideal temperature inside. This is also a cost-efficient choice because it means less energy consumption for your business.
  • Offers versatility for improved indoor space - Many garage doors are fully automated with an upward-lifting feature compared to traditional doors that usually swing out. This is ideal for saving space, especially for businesses with small indoor areas, and provides more room capacity for loading and unloading large equipment. 

Why Choose Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county

The Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county Company is a reputable brand that stands for quality and professional customer service. With over 300 authorized distributors in the country, we are the leading provider of commercial and residential garage doors in Connecticut with four offices in Norwich, Middlesex County, Tolland County, and Windham County. Here are other reasons why you should choose us for your commercial garage door needs: 

  • Round-the-clock customer service - Our team is always ready to attend to your garage door needs. For urgent commercial garage door repair service and installation queries, we are reachable 24/7 via email or hotline and we will make sure to respond to your needs as fast as possible.
  • Over 60 years of service - The Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county Company in Connecticut has been proudly serving the local community for more than 60 years. As one of the most respected brands in the garage door industry, our team has proven expertise and experience in commercial overhead door repair, installation, and maintenance.
    State Contractor Licensed and OSHA Safety Certified - At Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county, we abide by industry standards and safety guidelines for commercial garage door installations. We’re 100% professionally certified by OSHA and we’ve trained our technicians to ensure a safe and accident-free working environment.
  • Repairs Covered By Insurance - Our professional installation services ensure that you have no liability as the business owner. We can also provide an insurance certificate to free you from financial liabilities in case of property damage or accidents to the team. 

Commercial Garage Door Services and Collection of Products 

We have a large collection of commercial garage door products for your property and business needs. Some of the popular choices for overhead doors are: 

  • Rolling Service Doors - Our rolling steel doors are constructed with upward-coiling mechanisms which make them an ideal choice for warehouse facilities that require a lot of space.
  • Security Grilles - Our security grilles products are made of either aluminum, galvanized, or stainless steel materials to provide durability and bolster your security. They are a perfect addition for retail, commercial, and industrial businesses.
  • Sectional Overhead Door - If you’re looking for an economical choice that requires minimal garage door maintenance, our sectional doors and insulated steel door products offer excellent performance and door longevity for heavy-duty commercial operations.
  • Rolling Shutters - For businesses located in areas with high pedestrian traffic, our rolling service door, roll up doors, and shutters offer enhanced security for the storefront. They can also be customized with aesthetic finishings to improve commercial value.
  • High Speed Doors - Our high-speed metal doors feature a springless design with an integrated curtain-monitoring device and wireless reversing edge to ensure maximum efficiency for your business operations.
  • ThermaCore Doors - This premium line of insulated sectional door products is built with fully-encapsulated, CFC-free, foam panels to provide year-round insulation and minimize air infiltration. 

FAQS About Commercial Overhead Door Installation 

Q: What sizes are available for the commercial garage doors?

A: Their sizes can vary depending on the area of your garage or facility. Some commercial door widths can range from 30’ to 32’ with heights ranging from 24’ to 28’. There are also specific measurements for different garage door series. Feel free to inquire with an Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county consultant about stocks for door sizes or for customized doors. 

Q: How can I maintain my commercial overhead garage door?

A: We recommend that you regularly check your doors for any signs of loose screws, hinges, or damaged lift cables. You can also call our team to perform routine inspections and evaluations of your garage door.

Q: How much is a commercial garage door system?

A: You can inquire with our staff at Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county to know the exact cost of a new garage door. The final price may vary depending on several factors such as the door style, customizations, materials as well as regional conditions. 

Find The Right Commercial Garage Door For Your Business at Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county 

For dependable garage door service and long-lasting commercial door options, trust the experts at Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county. We are a premier choice for high-performing and safety-tested overhead door, rolling steel door, fire door, and security doors. We also offer commercial and residential garage door repair, installation, and maintenance services. 

View our collection of commercial garage doors and learn more about our service area on our website. For inquiries or free quote estimations, contact us now at 860-889-3848


This is the second time I've used Overhead Door of Norwich to replace existing garage doors and openers. Charlie the salesman was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions regarding garage door options/garage door opener options and pricing. He kept me informed of the garage door lead times due to supply chain issues. The doors were delivered and installed in the estimated timeframe. The installation of the new garage doors went well and the new doors look great compared to our old, weathered wooden garage doors.

Steve Modzelewski

I have an older garage door to which I was hoping to add an automatic opener. Both the salesman, and,
ultimately a service person were professional and helpful. Though my garage was too limited in space for the opener, the service adjustments were very helpful; I also got new rubber door to floor gasket just before the flooding we've experienced here. Highly recommend.

Christine Anderson

We had our garage doors replaced by a different company a couple years ago. When one of the doors broke, we learned that company no longer serviced our area. Luckily Overhead Door CT is skilled in repairing various types of garage doors. In no time they got the broken garage door working again. Thanks!

Jacob Colman

Had them instal a new door opener because our 10 year old one was failing. They redid all the moving parts on our two garage doors, and he programmed our remote openers so they will each open all the doors. Their skills is unmatched and would really recommend them to anyone who needs their garage doors to be serviced.

Charlotte Rose

Had Overhead Door CT come to my home today to change out my drive belt on my garage door opener and they were amazing!!! Quick, efficient and knowledgeable. They even gave me a few suggestions for the maintanance of my new drive belt. Amazing work they do here!!

Linda Lockett
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