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Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county is a reliable garage door company that provides different commercial door repair and installation services for businesses around Connecticut. Commercial garage doors come in different kinds that require highly technical installation processes, which might be more difficult compared to residential garage door repair and installation. It’s better to hire a veteran company like Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county for a meticulous commercial garage door installation, helping you avoid accidents and ensuring that the doors work properly for a long time.

For an emergency commercial service, contact our 24-hour hotline at 860-889-3848.

Commercial garage doors are a huge but important investment for protecting your business and assets. It’s crucial to carefully choose a commercial door that improves your business’ external appearance, security, and productivity.

But as you made the effort to find the best commercial garage door, you also need to consider its installation. Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county specializes in excellent commercial garage door services for different businesses in Connecticut and the surrounding area. No matter what kind of commercial garage door you want for your business, our technicians promise to finish the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Signs You Need a New Garage Door for Your Business

For most business owners, commercial garage doors aren’t a priority – at least not as important as improving products or finding ways to increase profits. However, garage doors are a crucial investment for businesses, especially for those in retail, warehouse, and manufacturing. When a high-quality commercial garage door is installed by a professional team, you can trust that it can last for several years.

If you’re considering replacing your old commercial garage door or investing in a new one, here are some signs that you should do it:

  • You want your commercial property to look more professional and presentable
  • You need to secure and hide your merchandise
  • The old door has multiple damages that prevent it from working
  • It creaks loudly
  • The automatic commercial garage door opener responds slowly
  • You want a better door technology

Why Choose Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county?

  • Available 24/7, 7 Days a Week. At Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county, we understand that garage door emergencies can happen at any time of the day. We always make sure that our team is ready to respond to your garage door needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Over 60 Years of Service. Our decades of experience in the garage door industry helped us build the expertise needed to provide the best commercial garage door repair and installation services for our clients – and you can count on us to do the same for your business.
  • State Contractor Licensed & OSHA Safety Certified. With a team of licensed contractors, you can guarantee that all garage door repairs and installations we complete in your business are done safely and effectively.
  • Repairs Covered By Insurance. Most of the time, garage door repairs are covered by insurance. We accept most major insurance coverages to pay for the repairs or installations, so you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket.

Commercial Garage Door Installation Services

Installing a commercial garage door is different from a residential garage door because there are a lot of factors to consider – size and type of garage door, industry you belong in, and time needed to complete the installation. There are also additional technical requirements that your business should meet when installing the commercial garage door.

Because of these reasons, it’s better to rely on a professional installation team like Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county in Connecticut. With our highly trained technicians, you won’t have to worry about unsecured garage door installations or disrupted business operations – we’ll make sure that your new garage doors are functional in no time.

Here are a few types of commercial garage doors we provide installation services for:

  • Rolling service doors
  • Security grills
  • Sectional doors
  • Counter doors
  • Rolling shutters
  • Thermacore doors
  • Aluminum glass doors
  • High-speed doors
  • Loading dock doors


Q: Why do I need to hire a commercial garage door installation specialist?

A: Garage door installation isn't a do-it-yourself job that you can easily accomplish. It’s a highly technical task that should only be handled by a trained technician to avoid accidents and ensure proper installation. A garage door company that specializes in commercial garage door installations, like Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county, should finish the job quickly so there’s no need for extended downtime.

Q: What’s the best commercial garage door type for my business?

A: Choosing between an overhead door, scissor door, roll-up door, or fire-rated door depends on the type of business, budget, and preference you have. If you want to know more about the different commercial garage door styles and how to pick the best one, schedule a consultation with our technicians at Overhead Garage Co. in Connecticut for a piece of advice and a selection of high-quality garage doors to choose from.  

Q: How long do commercial garage door installations take?

A: The exact time needed for the installation depends on the type and number of commercial garage doors to be installed, as well as the condition of the installation site. It can take anywhere from a few hours up to an entire day, but you can trust our team at Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county to finish the job quickly and safely.

First-Rate Commercial Garage Door Service by Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county Co.

At Overhead Door of Norwich, Middlesex, Tolland and Windham county Company, we understand that your commercial garage door is an important investment for your business. With decades of experience in the industry, we’ll make sure to finish the installation so that your business is well-protected from break-ins, weather damages, or unwanted accidents.

No installation job is too little or too big for us. We always make sure to guide our clients during the entire installation process of commercial garage doors – from picking the best one for your business to securely putting the new commercial garage door in place and scheduling garage door maintenance. Call us now to request an estimate.


This is the second time I've used Overhead Door of Norwich to replace existing garage doors and openers. Charlie the salesman was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions regarding garage door options/garage door opener options and pricing. He kept me informed of the garage door lead times due to supply chain issues. The doors were delivered and installed in the estimated timeframe. The installation of the new garage doors went well and the new doors look great compared to our old, weathered wooden garage doors.

Steve Modzelewski

I have an older garage door to which I was hoping to add an automatic opener. Both the salesman, and,
ultimately a service person were professional and helpful. Though my garage was too limited in space for the opener, the service adjustments were very helpful; I also got new rubber door to floor gasket just before the flooding we've experienced here. Highly recommend.

Christine Anderson

We had our garage doors replaced by a different company a couple years ago. When one of the doors broke, we learned that company no longer serviced our area. Luckily Overhead Door CT is skilled in repairing various types of garage doors. In no time they got the broken garage door working again. Thanks!

Jacob Colman

Had them instal a new door opener because our 10 year old one was failing. They redid all the moving parts on our two garage doors, and he programmed our remote openers so they will each open all the doors. Their skills is unmatched and would really recommend them to anyone who needs their garage doors to be serviced.

Charlotte Rose

Had Overhead Door CT come to my home today to change out my drive belt on my garage door opener and they were amazing!!! Quick, efficient and knowledgeable. They even gave me a few suggestions for the maintanance of my new drive belt. Amazing work they do here!!

Linda Lockett
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