Preventive Maintenance Program

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Minimize Down Time & Extend The Life Of Your Doors...

This program can help reduce any logistics problems, emergency repair costs, receiving/shipping delays, and workflow disruption. Benefits of our garage door planned maintenance program include:

  • No overtime charges on weekday service calls placed before 2:00pm
  • Priority scheduling
  • Longer door life expectancy

Businesses or individuals can sign up for a variety of frequencies for this program, including monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. Additionally, clients can elect a cost basis for the work performed.

The preventive maintenance program includes:

  • Inspection of all rollers, bearings, cables, chains, tracks, endlocks, bottom bars, and alignment
  • Lubrication of all shaft bearings, rollers, hinges, chain hoists, and disconnects
  • Tightening of all hinges, drums, couplings, track brackets, and hangars
  • Inspection of garage door operator, safety equipment, and high-speed door controls
  • Adjustment of clutch, brake, and limit assemblies

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