Broken Cable

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Did Your Garage Door Cables Snap?

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Broken garage door cables can lead to more issues if not properly taken care of. We stock all major cables in our warehouse. We offer 24/7 emergency service that keeps you protected—and gets your day back on track. Give us a call at 860-889-3848 and our technicians will be out there right away.

When does it need to be replaced or repaired?

The cables on your garage door move during operation and travel over a system of pulleys or wind on a cable drum or spool. This causes wear and tear and could result in frayed, worn, or snapped cables. If the door is out of adjustment, the cable may be rubbing on other hardware such as the garage door track, which will also accelerate wear. If you visually inspect your cables and find fraying, rusting, or thinning, it’s time for a service or replacement.

If your garage door cable breaks, we do not recommend using your automatic operator.

With decades of combined training and field experience under our belt, our professional technicians are highly qualified and can promptly repair or replace your garage door. Not only that, we’re available at a moment’s notice to provide 24/7 emergency care, even if it’s a night, weekend, or holiday.